Apple Safari 3 for Windows


Today during the WWDC07 Apple announced that Safari 3 will be released also for Windows platform.

A beta version is already available here:

According to Apple, Safari is 2 times faster than Internet Explorer 7 and up to 1.6 times faster than Mozilla Firefox.

I downloaded the beta version of Safari and installed it on Windows XP: the installation went smoothly but the browser gave a non critical error on starting. It’s really fast but I experienced some characters and pages rendering issues.
It’s still a beta version of course, but in my opinion the premises are good: waiting for a stable Windows release.

How to install multiple instances of Internet Explorer

Multiple Internet ExplorerS
Multiple Internet ExplorerS

Here is a useful tip for web designers and developers who want to test their website with different versions of Internet Explorer.

As a web designer you’ll have to test your website with multiple browsers in order to check the correct behavior of your pages on different platforms.
Whether you like Internet Explorer or not, you’ll have to carefully test your new pages with this browser, which sucks doesn’t respect many international web standards, but unfortunately is still the most popular among internet surfers.

If you update your copy of Windows XP, IE 6 will be replaced with the new version 7. Anyway you may need also the previous version (which is currently the most wide spread) to test your web pages.

Now there is a simple way to install standalone copies of Internet Explorer!

Just download the multiple IE installer at this page:

You’ll be able to easily install old Internet Explorer versions (3, 4.01, 5.01, 5.5 and 6) and run them side by side with IE 7.

The installer currently supports only Win XP and doesn’t work under Vista.

[Edit Feb 1st, 2013: New alternatives are available nowadays. See]