Super simple Text to MD5 Converter

Text to MD5 converterYep, I know, there are tons of web-based MD5 encryption tools out there, however some of them store the associations between strings and their hashes into a database that allows eventually to “decrypt” in real time (no bruteforce) any string previously entered…

For this reason, I decided to dedicate one minute in writing “yet another text to md5 converter“, which I can use in my own server!

Nothing special, just a few lines of PHP code, ut prosim!

echo '
<h1>Text2MD5 super simple converter</h1>
<p>Type a word or a sentence below:</p>
<form method="get">
 <input name="string" type="text" id="string" />    
 <input type="submit" value="Convert to MD5" />

if (isset($_GET['string'])) {    
$str = $_GET['string'];
echo '<p>The MD5 hash of <strong>'.$str.'
</strong> corresponds to:<br /><strong>'.md5($str).'

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