Exclusive: interview with Internet Explorer 6

Last week we got the chance to interview in person Internet Explorer 6, the longest-lasting browser ever! Here is the exclusive transcript for our readers:

IE 6 is old. It's time to retire.
"I just feel old and tired of all this: I think it's time to retire"

AB: Thank you for being with us today, Mr. Explorer 6. How are you?

IE6: I’m glad to be here, Alberto. I’m fine, just a little bit tired.

AB: Tired? You are just 9 years old! You’re still a kid, you should have plenty of energy!

IE6: Well, you know, browsers’ age is not equivalent to humans’. If you consider how fast technology is evolving I already have more than 80 human years.

AB: Really?! I didn’t know that! And you are still working full time, that’s astonishing… Congratulations!

IE6: Thanks. Yes, actually I’m still in business and still have a good share in the browsers market. In 2009, for instance, 15% of the people who visited your website came through me!

AB: This is definitely a relevant percentage! I didn’t know. How is this possible? Why people are still using you and not, for example, your son IE7 or your nephew IE8?

IE6: This is probably due to machines who still run old versions of windows, such as Windows 2000, and cannot upgrade to my most recent releases.

AB: Anyway, that’s not a good excuse: I apologize for being so straight… but there are so many browsers out there that could replace you… so why people don’t upgrade?

IE6: I appreciate your frankness and I agree with you. Anyway, I’m mainly talking about companies, governmental institutions, schools and universities… Sometimes system administrators are just too lazy to perform an upgrade.

AB. Damned system administrators, it’s always their fault… Anyway, it’s good for you, isn’t it?

IE6: Well, at first I loved the idea of being still on the market. But now, to be honest, I start to feel old, sometimes I don’t even have time to sleep. My wife keeps telling me I’m working too much and moreover several important big companies seem to have already cut back on my support.

AB: Are you referring to Digg, Youtube and Facebook?

IE6: Yes, and many more. Last week even Google announced that my support will be discontinued from March 2010

AB: Oh, what a bad news… What was your reaction?

IE6: They literally broke my heart! They have no respect for old men, they could have called me at least to say goodbye after so many years… [A tear drops down Mr. Explorer 6’s eye – AB]

AB: Ehm… I see… So what are you going to do now? Are you planning to fight and increase your competitiveness in order to cope nowadays young browsers?

IE6: Competitiveness!!?? I just feel old and tired of all this: I think it’s time to retire… [Blows his nose -AB]

AB: Retire? Are you serious?

IE6: Absolutely. I had my moment of glory, now I can retire and spend my last years enjoying life and good food…

AB: It’s not such a bad perspective, is it? Are you planning to move on after your retirement?

IE6: Well, actually I was thinking to go to Florida but they told me that there is this lake in Italy called Lake Como, they told me that also George Clooney has a house on its shore. Apparently Italian food and wine are delightful!

AB: You said it! I’d really recommend you to move to Italy if you enjoy good food and wine!
Thank you very much for the interview Mr. Explorer 6. We wish you all the best with your new life!

IE6: Thank you so much. I appreciate it.