Free facelift for your webpages


A common solution in order to use freely typefaces while designing a web page, is creating graphical representations of the text content;  this solution apparently works well, however it is not efficient and not easy to update when the text content changes, as each text must be written or modified manually through an image manipulation software.

For this reason web designers normally use a narrow range of fonts in their web pages and usually adopt web-safe fonts.

Nevertheless, there are some interesting alternatives. Facelift is an excellent solution in order to use custom fonts in your web pages writing simple text while not dealing with images creation and updating.

Facelift Image Replacement (or FLIR, pronounced fleer) is an image replacement script that dynamically generates image representations of text on your web page in fonts that otherwise might not be visible to your visitors. The generated image will be automatically inserted into your web page via Javascript and visible to all modern browsers. Any element with text can be replaced: from headers (<h1>, <h2>, etc.) to <span> elements and everything in between!

Give a look to these examples!

Facelift is free software released under GNU/GPL license. It requires a quite common web server configuration (PHP along with GD libraries with freetype and PNG support enabled) and can be freely downloaded from the official web page.

Podcast Generator: Open Source Podcast Publishing Solution

Podcast GeneratorPodcast Generator is free web based podcast publishing script written in PHP: users can upload media files (audio-video) via a web form along with episode information and automatically create podcast w3c-compliant feed including iTunes specific tags.

Podcast Generator is an open source web based software I developed as part of my final degree project in 2007 and I am still maintaining.

To give a look at Podcast Generator, visit the official website: